Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers

holiday gift guide for bakers by: Cece Kirkwood | This post contains affiliate links.

This year I am so excited to bring you the first ever edition of my Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers!

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The stockings are hung, the evergreen smell is in the air and peppermint mochas are in hand. The holiday season has arrived and with it a load of shopping to do!

Maybe your loved one is new to baking and needs the essentials to get them started. Or maybe they are more advanced, looking to break into the sourdough world! Whatever the kind of baker they are, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s dig into the Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers, shall we?

Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers

#1 A Loaves Collection Ebook

Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers: A Loaves Collection Ebook cover photo

That’s right! Your baker could own their very own, Baking by Cece: A Loaves Collection ebook! In this recipe ebook you’ll find 10 of my most favorite recipes from breads to cookies. There are also two ebook exclusive recipes and a collection of my top bakers beginners tips and tricks. This is the perfect gift for a beginner baker or one that is looking to try out new recipes.

#2 Baking Beginners Essentials

This item is a collection of Baking Equipment Essentials that can all be purchased through my Amazon Affiliate Storefront. The basics include:

  • A simple scale
  • A set of spatulas and mixing bowls
  • An electric mixer (handheld or stand mixer)
  • My favorite apron
  • Baking Pans & Liners
  • Cooling racks
  • And a few extras…

#3 Baking by Cece Exclusive Merch

Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers: Loaves Sweatshirt Image

If you’re baker has been following along, I’d love for you to purchase them some exclusive Baking by Cece merch. This Loaves sweatshirt pictured here is from my line that launched with the Loaves Collection Ebook. There are even more fun items in the shop from tote bags to t-shirts! Check them out and keep your baker cozy this winter.

#4 A Beginners Set Up For Sourdough

Sourdough can be a little scary to get started for many bakers, new or advanced. But it doesn’t have to be! Pair these Sourdough Basics items from my Amazon Storefront with my “Beginners Guide to Sourdough” Blog Post and your baker will be cranking out breads, scones and more before January ends!

To get started your baker will need:

  • Spatulas
  • An airtight glass container
  • Rubber Bands
  • Sourdough Starter
  • A Scale

#5 Food Photography Basics

Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers: Cece taking photos of food in her home

Maybe your baker wants to start vlogging or blogging their baking journey. They don’t need a super fancy set up to get started. Trust me… 90% of the time, I am moving a fake backdrop around my house to find the best light. I don’t have a fancy camera or a lot of props. Just the following basics:

  • Phone Stand (sturdy)
  • Fake Backdrop
  • Textured napkins
  • Glass Bottles (thrift these)
  • Antique utensils (thrift these too)
  • Natural light!

That’s all I got for now for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers! If you have any questions or want other ideas, feel free to drop me a line at hello@bakingbycece.com and I would be happy to brainstorm with you!

Happy Holiday Loaves! Keep Rising!

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