My Top 3 Baking Tips for Beginners


Everyone has their own way they like to keep their kitchen clean and prepped for baking and cooking. But these 3 baking tips for beginners will help any novice baker set themselves up for complete success. 

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Baking Tips for Beginners

1. Pre-measure ingredients…

Otherwise known as “mise en place” – this practice is common in most professional kitchens and means that you organize and measure out all your ingredients into individual bowls and get out all your tools before beginning to bake. This keeps you organized and ensures that you don’t forget any ingredients! 

2. Measure by weight not volume 

Baking is a science! And in science you have to be exact.  The best way to do this is by weighing out your ingredients using a simple scale. Ever baked a cookie using the same recipe, yet somehow it turns out slightly different each time? That is because when measuring by volume, you can’t be as precise. It is vital that your ingredient ratios are accurate for a reliable bake every time. 

3. Check your oven temp 

Ever baked something and know for a fact that you’ve followed all the directions, yet still the bake turns out flat or takes too long? That might be because your oven calibration is off. There are two things you can do here:

1. Buy an oven thermometer for an accurate temperature reading every time.

2. If you find that the temp on the inside oven thermometer is different from what the oven says, refer to the oven’s manual and learn how to re-calibrate your oven temp! 

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Do you have any baking tips for beginners that help you keep things organized and accurate in the kitchen? Or maybe there is a topic you’d like to explore more with me?

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