Baking in Glass vs. Aluminum Pans

Baking in glass vs. aluminum pans by: cece kirkwood. this post may contain affiliate links.

You know what I’m talking about… all the box bakes from the stores, especially brownies, will have different baking times and temperatures depending on which pan you are using. There really is a difference when it comes to baking in glass vs. aluminum pans.

Why do recipes have different baking times for aluminum vs. glass pans? 

Well, to put it simply – they are different materials and therefore react differently to temperatures in the oven.

Aluminum pans are a conductor.

Aluminum or metal pans are a conductor which means they heat up faster than glass pans and will give you a more even bake and crispier edges. 

These pans also come in different shades of silver. The color of your pan can also affect the heat conduction. A darker color pan will absorb more heat than a lighter shade, so the bottoms of your bake will brown a bit faster. Not by too much, but it is important to keep in mind!

Glass pans are an insulator.

Glass pans are an insulator so they heat up slower, but hold heat for longer. This can mean that your bake may end up unevenly baked. If you’re using a glass pan, recipes may suggest dropping the heat in your oven for the last bit of baking. 

So… is one better for baking than the other?

For most bakes, I would suggest an aluminum pan. Save the glass for lasagnas, casseroles or maybe the first time you ever bake a pie so you can see what’s going on inside the pan. 

So, in short, the difference between baking in glass vs. aluminum pans, remember…

aluminum is a conductor of heat,

whereas glass pans are an insulator of heat.

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